The employment situation can be quite uncertain for newcomers to Greece and therefore many people choose to try teaching English as a foreign language, on a full or part-time basis. Even if it is not want you want to do on a permanent basis, it can be useful way of earning some income until your preferred career choice pans out.

The Job Market In Greece!

By Panagiotis Lapatas

I am 37 years and as you understand I find itself many years in the Greek job market.

I officially work from 1996 until and up to before from one month.
And say up to before from one month because I was released from the work of me fir April 2008 because curtailments of personnel and after me they compensated also me they gave also a constitutive letter so that it is given by me if it needs in my next employer.

But who next employer after then from enough interviews in these 45 days I understood that unfortunately for my country the job market is something that functions only with personal acquaintances?

Naturally I cannot say that I am the perfect salesman (Yes salesman I am the last 12 years in the retail-wholesale sale) after I am graduate of secondary education and thus my grammatical knowledge they are not for something better however I could say for that I am model of formality.

Each interested employer of course does not know it. Thus the law gives the right make test engagement however it does not make him because he prefers to hire somebody which likely it has a certain constitution from some friend acquaintance. (What I said in the beginning of my article).

However with this way unemployeds as I, they do not find easily work!
Also the wage if is even found work they is very small and I mean that in the better case they reach in the sum 1000EUR together insurance icluded, where if we compare with other countries of Europe it is sure that whoever will read my article will occupy precisely what I say.

Also the increases of wage that it gives the state per year and each year the last 10 years of are order the 3% when the all foodstuffs of and clothing raise the price at 13% with 15%. Something which means that the increases of wage that are given are inconsequential. Say also that the benefit that takes somebody that loses his work from the state is 420EUR the month if he is wedded and 350EUR if he is free. Money which also is few in order to lives somebody when it has it pays rent and other remaining obligations that likely it has it covers in one month.
I report the case of benefit of unemployment because I spoke with a friend recently that remains and works in Canada and when I asked him answered that the Canadian state covers in the released employee of the 2/3 of annual income.
Once again the difference is big!

Unfortunately if I could and did not have obligations I mean my family of course, and I sure had a certain occasion of work in the abroad with better wage I would be positive. As I said in the beginning the job market in Greece is in ugly situation and the unemployed many. The employers do not pay the wage that should, the hours of work are many 10 with 12 hours the day without exist overtimes, the state have not done but also will not do something in order to change the existing situation, and the protection that is given in a released and unemployed employee is inconsequential.

Them all it can realise him easily somebody that knows the particular subject and easily occupy that I do not say any lie but describe the situation as precisely it has.

I thank for the time that you allocated in order to you read my opinion for the Greek job market.

With friendly greetings
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